Our Team

Alisha Headshot.jpg

Alisha Vincent | Host

Host. Wife. Mom. Professor. Enjoys the occasional Yo Mama joke as told by her tween daughter and coffee with heavy cream (not necessarily in that order).

Xander Headshot.jpg

Xander Morrison | Sound engineer

Xander Morrison is a student studying digital arts and design. He writes and produces music, DJs locally, and plays drums on Sunday mornings for Asbury United Methodist in Sioux Falls, SD, where his father is the associate pastor.

Thanael Headshot.jpg

Thanael Certa-Werner | Creative Director

Seminary Student. Double PK (Pastor’s Kid). Brother. Believes that there’s nothing better than a good conversation that makes you laugh.

Jeff Headshot.jpg

Jeff Pospisil | Content and Occasional Co-Host

Husband. Father. Finance professional. Recognizes that God is real because he made things that resulted in bacon, toe-warmers and rainbows.